Fort Salem Theater is seeking two actors to play male characters this summer. If you are interested, please contact All roles are open to actors of all ethnicities and gender identities.

Coach Dunbar in FOOTLOOSE. The high school gym teacher. Speaking role, no vocal solos. Appears to be approximately 40-60 years old.
First rehearsal: Monday, May 15, 2023
Production dates: June 22-July 2, 2023 Note: no performance on June 23 due to local graduations

The Sergeant of Police in THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE. The leader of the police. He is Groucho Marx-esque and uncomfortably clumsy. Though their duty to protect is clear, the Sergeant and his police are more accustomed to fear and hide. Stage Age: Appears adult/age unimportant. Vocal range top: E4. Vocal range bottom: G2 First rehearsal: Monday, July 3, 2023
Production dates: August 11-20, 2023

Actors who participate in 2023 productions will also receive a free 12-month invitation to opening weekends for all MainStage productions. At this time, housing, travel & performance stipends are not available. 

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