Stephan Wolfert in Cry Havoc! at Shakespeare & Company through August 13, 2016.
Stephan Wolfert in Cry Havoc! at Shakespeare & Company through August 13, 2016.

Cry Havoc! at Shakespeare & Company
Reviewed by Macey Levin

Stephan Wolfert is a veteran having had a seven-year career in the army. In the late 90’s a chance viewing of Shakespeare’s Richard III led him into the life of an actor. He has combined these two threads into a calling to inform the public of the difficulty veterans have to re-integrate themselves into society. Cry Havoc! at Shakespeare & Co.’s Bernstein Theatre is an autobiographical, one-man show. It is harrowing, hilarious and uplifting.

On a bare stage, different worlds come alive by Wolfert’s story-telling and sound effects that he orally mimics. He tells us that the military creates a population of killers, which is why they are in the service, but when their terms are over they are discharged without the support needed to rejoin society. This is the cause of severe depression. This is the cause of alcoholism. This is the cause of 20 suicides by veterans each day.

Wolfert’s performance is a high-powered and tender portrayal of a man who has escaped from a dysfunctional, alcoholic family that tried to stifle his creative fires. As his story unfolds he grabs our emotions and challenges our intellect.

It is a performance not to be missed.

Cry Havoc! Runs through August 13. For tickets call 413-637-3353 or go to

Shakespeare & Company presents Cry Havoc! By Stephan Wolfert; Directed by Eric Tucker; Cast: Stephan Wolfert Stage Manager: MaConnia Chesser; Running Time: 90 minutes, one intermission; The Elayne Bernstein Lenox, MA; From 8/3/16; closing 8/13/16.

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