Confetti Stage is gearing up for its annual short play festival, Confetti Fest, and we are looking for directors to help us bring a memorable and unique live theatre experience to the Capital Region. Our 17th Confetti Fest will be performed at the Albany Masonic Hall, 67 Corning Place, Albany NY 12207 in October, exact dates to be announced later.

If you are willing, we would love to have you look at this year’s selection of plays and decide if you have an interest in directing. Please contact to receive all five play scripts.

Here are brief synopses of the plays:

Grace Notes by Ingrid Madelayne
In the Quarantine of 2020, a lonely widow finds companionship and grace sharing songs with her neighbor.

Note: This play features choral music throughout. This director must be comfortable working with a music director or serving as music director themselves.

The Eye of Selene by Matt Reichel

In ancient Greece, young Daphne is betrothed to a man she has never met. Her real love is another woman, Amara. Together they hatch a plan to flee their families and be together, no matter the cost. However, moments before they can board the ship, they are caught by Daphne?s father, Pylas. What follows is a conversation about the nature of love, family, and their place in a world run by gods and traditions. And in this moment of desperation and vulnerability, father and daughter must decide what happiness truly is.

Desert Roses by Sean T. Baldwin

Nurse Clare Hansen has been kidnapped by the feared Crow County Copperhead. Much to her surprise, the Copperhead unmasks herself as a woman and asks for Clare?s help. Through manipulation, humiliation, and a nurse’s innate ability to see their patient’s thoughts, the two discover one another’s deepest secrets and gain a mutual understanding of each other. Seeing her kidnapper’s inner struggle and good intentions, Clare agrees to help the bandit just in time for the posse to arrive.

Orlando at Dawn by Judith Barlow

A middle-aged woman, Laurel, and her eleven-year-old niece Courtney are on a road trip in Florida. Laurel is an ex-hippie with a sarcastic sense of humor. She’s hoping to take her niece to Disney World, but Courtney, the daughter of environmentally conscious parents, has her heart set on a new Transcendental Meditation park created by magician Doug Henning.

Gravity by Laura Darling

A girl in crisis calls an emergency therapy session to tell her therapist she is quitting.

If you would like to be considered for a Confetti Fest XVII directing assignment, please send your resume to We will follow up by sending you a questionnaire for your completion.

*Director Resumes and Submissions* Will Be Due on Tuesday, July 13.

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