Pan, seven tableaux exploring the life of the demigod, marshals myth to explore the tensions of today’s world.

July 16 at 7 pm

Pan is an evening-length piece for flute, live electronics, and an ensemble of community performers directed by Doug Fitch. It tells the story of the mythological goat-god Pan, one of only two Greek deities said to have been put to death, in a series of staged episodes exploring the contradictions and betrayals in Pan’s relationships. Members of the chorus, who will rehearse with Fitch and Chase, lament Pan’s death in chant and with handheld instruments, including ocarinas, triangles, and bamboo chimes.

Polymath visual artist, designer and opera director Doug Fitch has created several productions with the New York Philharmonic, Los Angeles Opera, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Santa Fe Opera, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, and Bard’s SummerScape Festival. He is also a cofounder of Giants Are Small, which, in coproduction with Universal Music and Deutsche Grammophon, developed Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

MacArthur Fellow and flutist Claire Chase is a young arts entrepreneur and flutist who is forging a new model for the commissioning, recording, and live performance of contemporary classical music. As artistic director of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), which she co-founded in 2001, Chase has assembled a cadre of approximately thirty conservatory-trained musicians devoted to advancing new music and playing an expansive repertoire and range of styles.

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