Callaloo Theater Announces Auditions for 

August Wilson’s “Seven Guitars”

directed by Karen-Christina Jones

Audition dates are Saturday, June 18th and Saturday, June 25th at 12:00 pm at Washington Public Library‘s Small Auditorium 161 Washington Avenue Albany NY

Please prepare a two-minute monologue and prepare to read from the script.

Production Dates are Saturday, September 17th; Sunday, September 18th; and Saturday, September 24th; Sunday, September 25th at the Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence 

Any questions or concerns, please contact or 518-720-2011

As per Callaloo Theater Company’s mission, we continue to welcome BIPOC actors and actors of all gender identities. 

Please note that all actors must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.  

Seven Guitars brings a post-war Pittsburgh and us into the world of the 1940s. We sort through the plight of the Black American men who fought and died in World War II, who now return home to find they must confront the same inequities they’d faced before they left. Blues singer Floyd “Schoolboy” Barton returns from a 90-day stretch in the county jail with a recording contract in his pocket and a plan to take his woman and his band to Chicago. Buoyed by the heroics of the great black boxer Joe Louis, Floyd is sure the world is finally ripe for black heroes. But the backyard that serves as his office, social club and romantic getaway seems haunted; and his eccentric neighbor, Hedley, who teeters between wisdom and madness, is destined to bring Floyd’s dreams of success to an end.


(All parts are open)

CANEWELL: He and Red Carter are Floyd’s closest friends. He’s an edgy, quick-tempered harmonica player, who’s tired of playing back-up in life for Floyd. He made the trip with Floyd to Chicago the first time and regrets it. He loves Vera. 

FLOYD: Blues singer Floyd “Schoolboy” returns to Pittsburgh at thirty-five years old with a hit song and an opportunity to record a record back in Chicago. In the time since the recorded the initial song, Floyd has squandered the flat fee he received for recording, left his girlfriend (Vera) for another woman, was then left by the other woman, pawned his guitar, and spent ninety days in jail after being arrested while walking home from his mother’s funeral. After a year of trials and tribulations, Floyd wants to return to Chicago with Vera, his guitar, and a new sense of self. He is ready to “live with” not “live without” Unfortunately, the lengths he’s willing to go to, to make his dreams happen, become his undoing 

RED CARTER: He and Canewell are Floyd’s closest friends. He’s a drummer by profession, an expansive, laid-back fellow who can identify a rooster’s birthplace by the sound of his crow 

RUBY: Louise’s niece who comes to Pittsburgh from Alabama. Two men in Alabama were ready to kill for her. She is a free spirit and is looking for a man to be the fater of the child she is carrying.

VERA: Floyds’s ex-girlfriend and eight years his junior. She loves Floyd, but after he left her for another woman she is slow to trust him again. She may have had a relationship with Canewell in Floyd’s absence. She is good friends with Louise.

LOUISE: Is a hearty, buxom woman who, years earlier, allowed her man to walk out peacefully in exchange for his pistol. Louise describes herself as, “forty-eight going on sixty.” Although she claims to have no interest in love, she has an attachment to Hedley 

HEDLEY: an old man, not altogether right in the head, who has turned his back on the white world he loathes. He’s a believer in saints, spirits, prophets and the ghost of Charles (Buddy) Bolden, the legendary New Orleans trumpeter who died in an insane asylum. More than anything else, Hedley would like to sire a messiah.  

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