Saratoga Shakespeare is seeking video submissions from both Equity and non-Equity local performers, along with an Equity Stage Manager, for its upcoming production of Much Ado About Nothing (see breakdown). All roles are Paid.

ACTORS: Please prepare two one-minute Shakespeare monologues. Email your headshot/resume, along with a video submission link (YouTube or Vimeo) Please put “Much Ado EPA” in the subject line to

STAGE MANAGERS: Please send cover letter, resume and references to


PERSONNEL: Director, Wesley Broulik

DATES:  First Rehearsal: 7/5/22; Performances: 7/20/22 – 7/23/22


(Characters marked with an * live solidly in the world of Shakespeare’s clowns, can be a bit fantastical, and are close cousins to the Mechanicals in Midsummer Night’s Dream.)

LEONATO – older than the others, father (or mother) to Hero.

BALTHASAR – servant and confidant to both Leonato and Don Pedro.

BEATRICE/CONRADE – brilliant, witty, stubborn, and charming, in love with Benedick but won’t admit it, female identifying, 35-50 – doubles as Conrade.

BENEDICK/2nd WATCH* – witty, charming, stubborn, in love with Beatrice but won’t admit it, a soldier, 35-50, male identifying – doubles as 2nd Watch.

HERO/VERGES* – young, female identifying, daughter to Leonato, in love with Claudio – doubles as Verges in the Watch.

DON PEDRO/GEORGE SEACOAL* – the Prince, a soldier, 30-50, tries to manipulate the relationships of their friends, means well – doubles as Geroge Seacoal in the Watch.

CLAUDIO/SEXTON* – young soldier serving with Don Pedro, in love with Hero – doubles as Sexton in the Watch.

DON JOHN/DOGBERRY* – wicked, is jealous of Don Pedro and will do anything to hurt him, a soldier, 30-50 – also doubles as Dogberry in the Watch.

BORACHIO/FRIAR* – soldier and henchman to Don John, vain, wicked, 30-50 – also doubles as the Friar.

MARGARET/1st WATCH* – waiting gentlewoman to Hero, confidant to both her and Beatrice, female identifying – doubles as 1st Watch.

Saratoga Shakespeare Company is committed to an inclusive casting policy and encourages all actors to audition regardless of an individual’s sex, race, color, religion, age, disability, status as a veteran, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Please refer to breakdown for details.

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