Help us explore Persian myth and storytelling

UMass Theater seeks a diverse cast of 10 performers interested in exploring a contemporary take on a famous Persian tale!

Millennia ago, Aurash was sent by the Shah to fire an arrow from the top of a mountain, thereby ending decades of bloody war between Iran and Aniran and ushering in a glorious era in Persian history. This Persian myth offers universal themes that translate across cultures and time: That hope, belief, hard work, and persistence matter, and that, in a world short on heroes, even an ordinary person can make a difference.

We are looking for a company of performer/storytellers to bring this story to life on our stage; if that’s you, please read below for more details about our upcoming auditions. 

Directed by Behnam Alibakhshi
Rehearsals start Nov. 7, performances run Feb. 24 – March 4 in the Curtain Theater
Aurash is a storytelling-style ensemble piece, based on a famous Iranian legend. We are seeking an ensemble of up to 10 performers of all genders. All performers in the ensemble will play one of the Storytellers, and one or more of the named characters. Performers of all genders will be considered for all roles. Performers can be of any cultural background as long as they are open to exploring Persian performance traditions that will be part of our production. We encourage everyone to audition who is excited about this exploring this wonderful and powerful play together as an ensemble, in a production that will wed traditions from Iran with the best of contemporary theater, in a play that speaks to our times.

When & Where
Audition: Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 (Monday & Tuesday) 6-10 p.m.
Callbacks: Nov. 2 & 3 (Wednesday & Thursday) 6-10 p.m.
Bromery Center for the Arts, Curtain Theater
Sign up for a slot on the SignUpGenius page:

How to Prepare
Please prepare the storytelling monologue from Aurash that we have provided at the SignUpGenius link listed above. It is not necessary to memorize the monologue. We are interested in seeing how auditioners engage an audience in telling a story.

Scheduling Note for UMass Theater Students 
The Aurash company cannot be involved in the cast or crew for Orlando or be cast as performers in Into the Woods due to production schedule overlaps. However, the timing is ideal for students planning Fringe Festival projects, as Aurash will be concluded prior to spring break.

More information about auditions is on our website Audition page:

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