by Emily Edelman

The Theater Barn’s current production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Revised)” — “Revised” refers to the fact that this is the 1999 revival version that includes additional songs — brings to life Charles Schulz’s classic characters with the help of a solid, youthful cast and a lively band.

As a child, I remember a lot of products adorned with the “Peanuts” characters as having been marketed to children, and it wasn’t until I was in my mid-teens that I discovered that the characters were not actually written to be children’s literature. I appreciate that they appeal to all audiences, and this show does, too: Both adults and children can find something to enjoy in this production. Sam Slack’s bright, colorful set has the necessary pieces while leaving plenty of room for movement.

The musical score is fun and the orchestra is spot-on. Raina Fraley’s Lucy is loud and self-centered, but effective and fun to watch. Brett Hennessey Jones’ Linus is innocently philosophical and finds many ways to use his blue blanket. Jarod Bakum as Snoopy steals every scene he’s in.

Sometimes it’s nice to go to a show and simply be entertained, and the Theater Barn’s staging of “… Charlie Brown” does just that. Accessible to people from all walks of life, this is a pleasant evening of laughs and smiles.

“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Revised)” plays at the Theater Barn, 654 Route 20, New Lebanon, New York, through Sunday, Sept. 5. Written by: Charles M. Schulz, Clark Gesner, Michael Mayer & Andrew Lippa; director/choreographer: Rebecca Frazier; musical direction: Kevin Francis Finn; cast: Christian Ortega as Charlie Brown, Raina Fraley as Lucy, Brett Hennessey Jones as Linus, Emily Song Tyler as Sally Brown; Kyle Jack as Schroeder, Jarod Bakum as Snoopy; costume design: Kara Demler; set design: Sam Slack; lighting & sound design: Joseph Sicotte; stage management: Bizzy Miner.

For information and tickets, go online or call (518) 794-8989. The Theater Barn has COVID-19 protocols in place.

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