The Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, New York, is extending its season through the beginning of October with a number of musical revues and limited performances. “Beehive: The ‘60s Musical” celebrates the female voices of the 1960s while also touching on the powerful changes in America during the era.

A notable feature of the Mac-Haydn’s production was the fact that the orchestra was onstage, making them as much a part of the show as the performers (obviously the orchestra is a huge part of every show, but it was very nice to finally be able to see as well as hear them). Under the direction of musical supervisor David Maglione, the band never missed a note and were often joined on the risers by the performers, who sang to them, joked with them and made them part of the story. 

While the band sounded great, the vocalists were unfortunately plagued with technical issues for nearly the entire opening-night performance. The performers were a little more audible when speaking but, for a show that is mostly sung, that’s not nearly as important. A few of the vocalists were able to project well and be heard despite the technical glitches (personal favorites were Kiara Hines’ emotional Aretha Franklin medley and Angie Colonna’s wistful “To Sir With Love.”)

Director/choreographer Bryan Knowlton made sure his cast almost never stopped moving, utilizing and dancing them through the entire space including the aforementioned orchestra risers. Tiffany Howard’s many costumes were beautiful and glamorous. Hopefully the sound problems have been cleared up by now, because the ‘60s nostalgia and dynamic young cast make for a vibrant and entertaining performance.


“Beehive: The ‘60s Musical” plays at the Mac-Haydn Theatre, 1925 NY-203, Chatham, New York, through Sunday, Oct. 2. For tickets and information, go online or call the box office at (518) 392-9292. The Mac-Haydn Theatre has COVID-19 protocols in place.

Created by Larry Gallagher; directed & choreographed by Bryan Knowlton; assistant director: Holly Lauren Dayton; music director: David Maglione; cast: Ashley DeLane Burger, Angie Colonna, Maya Cuevas, Julia Hajjar, Kiara Hines, Mia Sempertegui; lighting design: Andrew Gmoser; costume design: Tiffany Howard; production stage manager: Eoghan Hartley; scenic design: Kevin Gleason; master electrician/technical director: Kevin Gleason; props design: Megan McQueeney; hair & makeup design: Matthew Oliver: costume coordination: Matthew Oliver; stage manager: Audrey Lang; sound design/audio engineer: Whitaker Gardner.


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