Josh Romeo premieres his new improv show with the help of capital region theater artists on August 1st at 8 pm at the Sand Lake Center for the Arts. All of the musical and scenic improv is from the top of the performers heads based on suggestions from the audience! Think Who’s Line is it Anyway but with local faces!

The Josh Romeo Show is a culmination of a lifelong dream of Romeo’s. Romeo’s love for improv started
when he began taking classes with Sharon Paluch (who will be featured in the show) in the 6th grade.
Since then Romeo has spent countless hours building improv in various communities. He was apart of
the immersive improv experience “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” with Consortium Actors in the summer of
2019, he spent a summer in Sandusky, Ohio as a character in “The Forbidden Frontier” their immersive
improv attraction, and is the founder and president of “The Spin Cycle” Wagner College’s premiere
improv troupe. Bringing improv to the community and world has alway been a big passion of Romeo’s.

Romeo says “Throughout my years of performing I have made so many friends that I want bring together
so we can all succeed. This is my main inspiration behind the creation of the show. Being able to have an
improv show that could be whatever I wanted and get to perform it with my friends has been a lifelong
dream of mine. The capital region is the only place I could think of to start this. I have been feeling a need
to return to my roots and perform with life long friends and mentors. The show marks the beginning of a
new exciting period in my life as it takes place on the night of my 21st birthday.”

The show will feature many performers from the capital region including Patrick White, Brian Sheldon,
Sharon Paluch, Michaela Torres, and Keaton Poore as well as Charlie Rudalavage and Katrina Wischusen.
Under Romeo’s guidance they will perform an evening of musical and long form scenic improv.
Everything in the show will be created on the spot from the imaginations of the performers based on
suggestions from the audience! Audience participation is not only encouraged, it’s necessary! Also, on
the show date, an improvised musical podcast of the same name will be released to continue to expose
people to the joyous art form of improv.

The Josh Romeo Show LIVE will be performed at The Sand Lake Center for the Arts in Averill Park. The
doors will open at 7:30pm and the show will begin at 8:00pm. Tickets are free! Masks encouraged.
To reserve your free tickets visit for more information!

If you’re interested in doing an interview or developing the story more please contact Josh Romeo at
518-703-1536 or by email at The best days for interviews would be any
day of the week of July 24th at any time, Monday July 25th at anytime, Thursday July 28th after 3pm, and Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th at any time.

About The Josh Romeo Show –
The Josh Romeo Show is a comedy improv show and weekly musical improv podcast created to follow a
dream. The show features actors from across the world improvising their way through scenes and
scenarios provided by the audience. Josh Romeo, founder and creator, is a long time improviser that has
always longed to be able to create a show that will not only support his career, but provide support to his friends’ careers as well.

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